Health and Safety Enviroment


The company will identify only safe working systems and environments. It will provide the resources and will constantly insist on the cooperation of all its employees in order to meet this commitment. All employees must act according to the Health and Safety Standards as far as they are directly concerned or their co-workers.

Arus Jaya acknowledges that safety is a long-term strategy that requires sustained effort and commitment. Therefore the primary function of the Arus Jaya Management System is to set realistic, achievable and measurable safety performance targets. Arus Jaya requires the support and commitment of its entire workforce in ensuring that safety is one of the company’s most important priorities.

 Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety and environmental protection.

  This commitment is vital and is in the best interest of our clients, employees, contractors and socially within the communities we live and work in.

 Arus Jaya requires active commitment to HSE from all employees and contractors. Management has a leadership role in the communication, implementation and ensuring the company is in compliance with our HSE policies and standards.

  The long-term business success of Arus Jaya depends on our ability to continually improve on the quality of our services and products whilst protecting the people and environment.