Arus Jaya offshore construction support covers the entire range of marine installation and construction processes and includes:

Tow-out services for structures

 Platform positioning and sub-sea structures installations

 Pipe-lay / cable lay support and touchdown monitoring

 FSO and FPSO hook up

 Pre!Engineering Survey for the Installation and modification of existing Platforms and Jackets

 Riser and Conductor Clamps Installation

 Riser, J-Tube and I-Tube Installation

 Subsea Flexible Pipes Flowline Installation

 Subsea Spool Piece Installation

 Barge Bumpers and Boat Landing Installation

 Riser Protector installation

 As built and post construction Survey

 Trenching support for pipes and cable burial

 Pipelines and cables depth of burial surveys

 OOS surveys

 Quay wall and breakwater installation

 Mooring design, engineering and installation services

 Hook-up and Commissioning services


All offshore activities are supported by our onshore teams and allied partners to ensure that Logistical, Technical and Administrative aspects of the work are carried out safely, efficiently and according to the Client specifications.